Design Projects

Anna’s Coffee Place

Many of you might have heard of or even studied at coursera. So, did and do I.

Some years ago I took an online course from University of Pennsylvania called “Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society”. 

This is an amazing course! It teaches us how to implement our ideas into real art objects. Unfortunately, the course is not available the moment I am writing my post. I even can not give you a link. But if you are interested, keep on checking it at coursera. I am pretty sure it will be available in a while. 

My gap for this course was to design a coffee place where friends of different artistic interests could share their interests and hobbies while spending their time in this cafĂ©.

The duration of the course was 7 weeks. Every week we specified our problem while transferring step by step our idea into a real design project. 

At the end of week 7 I had the final concept ready. 

This is my Statement of Accomplishment and this is how Anna’s Coffee Place looks like.