Jean-Philippe Le Trévou adding sound to “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

Jean-Philippe Le Trévou adding sound to “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

Well, here in Anapa we have even French artists visiting us from time to time. Last Sunday there was here a special performance organized by the Charitable Foundation “De Boni Arte” . This performance was combining a silent movie show with an organ concert. Jean-Philippe Le Trévou, the famous French organist from Paris, was improvising and adding sound to the silent film “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. That was a fascinating evening! Imagine, you are watching live a silent movie produced 1923! Almost one hundred years ago! One of the first movies in the world! In several decades that will be history! And second, a live organ improvisation by a great maestro doubles this excitement!


Barking Up The Wrong Tree: 4 Rituals That Will Make You Loved

In his new weekly post Eric Barker reveals 4 secrets that will help us have better relationships with our beloved ones, our family, our friends and other people. 

So here is Eric’s full post and advice for those who want to enjoy the article. By the way all these secrets are backed by science. 

What I personally take away from his article is the following:

  • Show an interest in other person’s life
  • If someone insults you, try not to react harshly.
  • Behave properly
  • Treat everyone the same way as you treat your family


A lovely exhibition by Lina Kovalenko

Some months ago I was very lucky to visit an exhibition of wonderful oil paintings by Lina Kovalenko. The exhibition was organized by the art gallery “Art-Anapa” that specializes in a contemporary Russian art. 

I got so impressed by Lina’s painting style! In my opinion, her paintings have a great mixture between Realist style and Impressionist style. If you look at her paintings, you will see well-known images from real life, like harbour, boats, mountains, animals, people. But all these images are made in such a picturesque, delightfully vibrant, playful way that you stop at every picture and say to yourself: “Oh my god, that’s fascinating! I wanna paint like her.”